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In the spirit of giving, HEINEKEN Cares and Sokong by Malaysiakini join hands to spread the joy of true togetherness. Let us help NGOs and social enterprises to strengthen community resilience. You can also support the communities to improve food security in the face of the rising cost of living and help us provide rural communities with access to clean water and renewable electricity. For every RM10 you give, HEINEKEN Cares will match it with an additional RM40.

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RM 238,570
RM 255,800

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One donation supports all six projects. To empower your generosity, for every RM10 you donate, HEINEKEN Cares adds RM40 rounding up your contribution to RM50!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about HEINEKEN Cares? Find answers to commonly asked questions about the donation process, privacy and security, volunteer opportunities, and more. We're here to provide clarity and support.

What is the HEINEKEN Cares 2023 Programme all about?
The HEINEKEN Cares Programme is a charitable initiative by HEINEKEN Malaysia Berhad under SPARK Foundation. This year marks the third project since its launch in 2021 during the pandemic and is focused on bringing sustainable change to underprivileged communities across Malaysia. It emphasises areas such as improving community resilience, food security, clean water access, and renewable energy.
When does the campaign take place?
The campaign runs from November 28th to December 31st, 2023, allowing everyone to contribute to meaningful change during this holiday season.
What is the fundraising goal for this campaign?
The total funding needed to cover the six selected projects this year is RM255,800. Our goal is to raise RM55,800 through public donations. Thanks to HEINEKEN Cares' pledge of RM200,000 through a 4:1 donation matching initiative for the first RM50,000 raised from the public, your contribution will be significantly magnified.
How does the donation matching initiative work?
For every RM10 donated by the public, HEINEKEN Cares generously contributes RM40, rounding up the total donation to RM50. This matching initiative applies to the first RM50,000 raised, effectively quadrupling the impact of your contribution.
What projects are being supported through this campaign?
The campaign supports six inspiring initiatives, click to learn more.
Is my contribution tax-deductible?
HEINEKEN Cares and Sokong are committed to transparency. Your contribution through Sokong will not be tax deductible, however you can rest assured that every ringgit donated goes directly towards supporting the designated projects, bringing tangible change to underprivileged communities. Nevertheless, if you are interested in donating an amount exceeding RM1,000 and require a tax exempt receipt, please contact the Sokong team at [email protected]
How can I stay updated on the progress of the campaign and projects?
Follow us on our social media on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to keep up with the updates or you can visit our website to see the real time donation counter.
How else can I get involved beyond donating?
You can support the campaign by sharing it with your friends and family, spreading the word on social media, and encouraging others to contribute. Your advocacy can make a significant difference in creating awareness and driving support for the cause.
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