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Fri Dec 22 2023

Illuminating Lives: Solar Initiative to Brighten Orang Asli Villages

Poverty Alleviation

Set against the backdrop of the Royal Belum State Park, a transformative initiative is underway to light up the lives of the indigenous Jahai community. It's 2023, and astonishingly, there are still 200 communities in West Malaysia relying on kerosene lamps and firewood for lighting. Their routine is defined by challenges — expensive generators and polluting biomass the price they pay for a flicker of light, costing them RM4 for an average of 2 hours of lighting. This dire situation has persisted for far too long, but there's a shining solution on the horizon.

The innovative answer to this pressing issue comes in the form of a plug-and-play solar home system. This ingenious system promises to be a game-changer for the villagers from the Jahai community in the Royal Belum State Park. By providing them with sustainable access to electricity, it aims to significantly improve their quality of life.

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The impact of this project extends far beyond just lighting up homes. It offers the most economically disadvantaged an opportunity for a brighter future. With the simple flick of a switch, this solar home system provides consistent and life-enhancing lighting. It makes everyday activities, such as cooking, studying, and spending quality time with family, much more accessible.

The primary goal is to cut recipients' expenses in half, offering a consistent source of life-enhancing lighting for daily activities, significantly improving the lives of those who are economically disadvantaged while enhancing sustainability.


As we embark on this illuminating journey, stay tuned for more stories of transformation. The HEINEKEN Cares Programme 2023 has been a symphony of impactful initiatives, and your contribution can amplify the melody of positive change. Be part of this journey to illuminate lives and empower communities. Together, we can bring light to the darkest corners and create a brighter, more sustainable future – Donate Now!

HEINEKEN Cares’ commitment to amplifying the impact of every donation is a pivotal aspect of this initiative. For every RM10 donated, HEINEKEN Cares adds RM40, creating a total contribution of RM50. This amplification ensures that the positive change brought to Orang Asli villages is not just a glimmer but a radiant transformation.


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