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At Sokong, we connect individuals like you with organizations that support various causes, fostering collective action to create positive change. Join us in making a difference and stay tuned for the app release in August 2023.

Calling all Beneficiaries

Are you an organization passionate about making an impact? We invite you to join Sokong and expand your reach. Contact us to learn how we can collaborate.

Our Story

Sokong is an initiative by Malaysiakini, driven by our passion to create a positive impact. Our story is rooted in the belief that collective support can drive meaningful change. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by organizations and the desire to bridge the gap between passionate individuals and impactful causes, Sokong was born. We believe that by connecting people and organizations, we can inspire a culture of giving, compassion, and collaboration that brings about lasting social change.

Our Mission

At Sokong, our mission is clear: to empower giving and elevate impact. Through our platform, we aim to connect users with organizations, provide support to beneficiaries, and create a positive change that resonates with our collective values.

How It Works

Joining Sokong is easy. Discover how our app works and how you can actively participate in supporting causes that matter to you.

Support organizations in multiple ways

  • Make a monthly recurring donation to sustain their efforts.
  • Contribute through one-off donations to specific organizations.
  • Directly support ongoing campaigns that align with your values.

Following Organizations

Stay connected with the impact of your donations. Sokong provides regular updates, ensuring transparency and accountability. Witness firsthand the positive change your contributions are making.

Volunteering Opportunities

Make an even greater impact by applying to become a volunteer. Engage directly with organizations and contribute your time and skills to meaningful projects.

Causes we support

Explore diverse cause categories within Sokong, including youth and children, disaster relief, human rights, arts and culture, animal welfare, health, environment, poverty alleviation, and education. Find the causes that resonate with your passions and beliefs.

Youth & Children
Disaster Relief
Human Rights
Arts & Culture
Animal Welfare
Poverty Alleviation

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Sokong? Find answers to commonly asked questions about the donation process, privacy and security, volunteer opportunities, and more. We're here to provide clarity and support.

What payment methods can I use to make donations?
Donations made through the Sokong app can be paid for using either credit or debit cards.
How much of my donation goes to the beneficiary?
100% of your donation goes to the beneficiary. Sokong does not take any fees or commissions from your donations.
Is there a transaction fee for using the Sokong app?
There is a transaction fee of 4% charged by the payment gateway service provider which is paid by the donor. This cost is added to the total amount paid by the donor, so that 100% of their intended donation amount goes to the beneficiary organization. Rest assured that Sokong does not take any portion of the transaction fee.
Is my personal information secure on Sokong?
Yes, your personal information is secure on Sokong. We use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure the safety and privacy of your information.
Can I get a receipt for my donation?
A receipt for your donation will be provided. However as we are currently working to improve the app, we are unable to provide a tax exemption receipt at this time.
How can I get in touch with Sokong if I have any questions or issues?
Send us an email at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Need to get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to the Sokong team for inquiries, feedback, or partnership opportunities. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you.

[email protected]

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