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Fri Dec 22 2023

Ferris Green Project: Cultivating Sustainable Support for Marginalised

Poverty Alleviation
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A transformative initiative growing not just crops but also hope for marginalised communities is taking root in the heart of Subang Jaya. The Ferris Green Project, pioneered by Ferris Wheel Organisation (FWO), is breaking new ground with its unique urban farming approach.

The Ferris Green Project is not your typical farm. It's the first urban farm designed explicitly for charity. The premise is simple yet powerful—plant vegetables using aquaponics, harvest the produce, and utilise the proceeds to create grocery care packs distributed to marginalised and B40 communities. This perpetual cycle ensures sustainable charity efforts, and the goal is to support 50 families monthly through each full harvest of produce.


Helena Khoo, the founder of Ferris Wheel Organisation, expresses her gratitude: "Many heartfelt thanks to HEINEKEN Cares and Sokong for their unwavering support and funding towards the FWO project in helping to build and expand our first urban vertical farm for charity. Your contribution propels our project to positively impact even more lives."

The Ferris Green Project exemplifies the power of community-led solutions. It's more than just growing vegetables; it's about creating a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it the most. The unique approach of using aquaponics not only provides fresh and pesticide-free produce but also ensures a continual source of aid for marginalised communities.


By actively involving the community in the farming process, FWO is fostering a sense of ownership and pride among its participants. Helena Khoo emphasizes the importance of collective effort: "I strongly encourage and welcome everyone to donate and join us in making a difference because with your contribution, together we are able to achieve more."


Your support can further amplify the impact of the Ferris Green Project. As part of the HEINEKEN Cares Programme 2023, every donation you make will be matched by HEINEKEN Cares on a 4:1 ratio. For every RM10 you contribute, an additional RM40 will be added, making it a RM50 contribution towards sustaining this impactful project.

This festive season, let's come together to magnify our kindness and spread the spirit of giving. Join us in supporting the Ferris Green Project and other crucial initiatives under the HEINEKEN Cares Programme. Your donation has the potential to create a positive ripple effect, reaching and uplifting more lives in Subang Jaya and beyond. Cheers to Giving Back – Donate Now!

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