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Mon Dec 04 2023

Cheers to Giving Back this Festive Season

Poverty Alleviation

Heineken Malaysia Berhad (HEINEKEN Malaysia) and Sokong by Malaysiakini are joining hands to collaborate on HEINEKEN Cares 2023, a community impact initiative aimed at strengthening community resilience in the face of increasing social and economic challenges.

Through the programme, six NGOs and social enterprises have been selected to implement projects in the areas of food security, community farming, as well as access to clean water and renewable electricity. The six partner organisations are Hopes Malaysia, Hope Place Kuching, Soroptimist International Region of Malaysia, Ferris Wheel Organisation, SOLS Energy, and Yellow House KL.

In conjunction with the festive season in the month of December, HEINEKEN Cares 2023 calls upon the public to contribute to enabling the amazing work of these organisations. For every RM10 donated, HEINEKEN Cares will match it with a further RM40, bringing the total value raised to RM50. The campaign will stop accepting funds upon reaching the total funding target of the six projects.

Roland Bala, Managing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia, shared, “In the midst of the festivities where many of us will be celebrating and gathering with friends and families, we want to encourage Malaysians to share the joy of true togetherness and give back by extending a hand to those in need. Through our collaboration with Sokong by Malaysiakini, HEINEKEN Cares 2023 aims to amplify the work of our partner NGOs and social enterprises to create a positive impact for communities in need. Every contribution, big or small, is a collective effort to inspire a better world for those who need it the most. In line with HEINEKEN’s Brew A Better World sustainability strategy, we are honoured to drive this project to create a positive impact for our communities.”

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The HEINEKEN Cares programme was first launched at the height of the pandemic in 2021 with the main goal of supporting vulnerable communities and disaster victims through food aid and urgent care packages. In 2022, the programme transitioned from short term food aid to community farming projects that supported longer term capacity building for local communities. Over the past two years, the HEINEKEN Cares programme has resulted in 850,000 meals and care packages for communities across Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak.

Commenting on the collaboration between Sokong and HEINEKEN Malaysia, Eshwaren Manoharen, Project Manager from Sokong, said, “Collaborating with HEINEKEN Malaysia for the HEINEKEN Cares Programme 2023 has been nothing short of incredible. Their unwavering commitment to fostering positive impact and community resilience has been inspiring. Together, we've identified six projects that will make a meaningful difference in lives across Malaysia. Staying true to our mission as the bridge between individuals and impactful causes, we invite you to join us this festive season in creating positive change within underprivileged communities. Your support will be a crucial part of this transformative journey, let’s spread joy together!”

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As a digital platform to help generate and distribute donations to NGOs and social enterprises, Sokong will also play a crucial role in providing the platform for members of the public to learn more about the project, the participating NGOs and social enterprises, and contribute to help reach the fundraising target of the projects. All funds raised through HEINEKEN Cares 2023 will be channelled to six community projects across Malaysia including:

  • Empowering Orang Asli community in Bentong, Pahang to self-sustain through aquaponic initiatives, led by the Soroptimist International Region of Malaysia.
  • Supporting marginalised communities in Subang Jaya through an urban farming project, led by Ferris Wheel Organisation.
  • Equipping elderly, disabled, and B40 communities in Kuching with essential food supplies, led by Hope Place Kuching.
  • Nourishing the underprivileged and homeless community in Ampang through the establishment of a community garden, led by Yellow House KL.
  • Equipping Orang Asli village in Perak with renewable electricity access through solar-powered lighting installations, led by SOLS Energy.
  • Channelling clean water for rural communities in Sabah through a gravity water system, led by Hopes Malaysia.

Joanne Yeoh, representing Soroptimist International Region of Malaysia, said, “We are glad to be able to collaborate with HEINEKEN Cares once again. In the past, this partnership has allowed us to expand our reach and intensify our efforts to strengthen our communities’ resilience. This year, we aim to amplify our impact and inspire the public to support meaningful projects that will bring genuine positive change to vulnerable sections of society. A small gesture can go a long way to help those in need.”

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Cheers to giving back! As the festive season approaches, join HEINEKEN Malaysia and Sokong this December to share the joy of true togetherness with communities throughout Malaysia. For every RM10 donated, HEINEKEN Malaysia will match it with an additional RM40. Check out the campaign site and make your donation today!

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