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Thu Jul 27 2023

RYTHM Foundation Launches Volunteer Development Programme to Foster Youth Volunteerism

RYTHM Foundation, the Social Impact Initiative of the QI Group, is excited to introduce the Volunteer Development Programme (VDP), an innovative initiative to encourage youth volunteerism in the local community.

The VDP specifically targets young people in the community, including student leaders in universities, and will kick off in August, with the first phase involving comprehensive training and matching volunteers with the appropriate programmes and interventions carried out by the Foundation.


“In the face of today’s challenges, we need a new generation of proactive individuals who are not just willing to make a difference but are equipped with the necessary skills to initiate change,” says the Head of RYTHM, Santhi Periasamy.

“Whether supporting education, empowering the underprivileged, or fostering sustainable development, the VDP volunteers will be part of a vibrant community of like-minded individuals united by the belief that we can change the world together,” Santhi adds.

The programme seeks volunteers in Malaysia aged between 18 and 35 with a passion for social causes, a positive attitude, and commitment.

To qualify, participants must also be fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia, physically fit, and have a growth mindset to progress as part of a volunteer community. Experience with knowledge of community programmes would also be advantageous.


The unique initiative blends theory with practical field experience, creating an accelerated learning environment for leadership development. Participants will actively contribute to numerous RYTHM initiatives while flexibly collaborating with other organisations, promoting multi-dimensional growth.

The Foundation’s impact areas in Malaysia include but are not limited to, aiding People Housing Project (PPR) communities, indigenous groups, children and youth, and women. In addition, RYTHM will engage education institutions, NGOs, and civil society organisations to ensure volunteers have ample opportunities to contribute their time and skills.

As participants, volunteers will get fully-sponsored training and coaching, a certificate of participation, a LinkedIn endorsement badge, potential internship or employment prospects, and valuable chances to network with influential changemakers.

“The VDP serves as a training and skills matching platform, empowering volunteers to make effective contributions to the community based on their skill sets and interests,” Santhi explains.

“Our main objective is to develop a community with a civic mindset, ready to create positive impacts and reach out to needy communities in all internal and external volunteering programmes.”

For more information about the VDP and to register, visit

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