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Thu Mar 14 2024

PROJEK N.A.S.I. : A Heartfelt Mission For The Urban Poor

Poverty Alleviation

In a harmonious symphony of compassion and community spirit, Ihsan Johor and Yayasan Suria JB have once again joined forces to help the less fortunate in Johor Bahru.

As the sacred month of Ramadan begins, these two benevolent organisations have orchestrated a campaign they call PROJEK N.A.S.I., an acronym for Nasi Asih Suria Ihsan.

N is nasi (rice), A is for Asih, which means kindness and compassion and resonates with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, S is for Yayasan Suria JB, and I is for Ihsan Johor.

The Dual Purpose of PROJEK N.A.S.I.

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The project unfolds with a dual purpose.

Farrah Baptist, Ihsan Johor’s Chief Executive, explained: “For years, Ihsan Johor has stood by the side of single mothers and those living with disabilities, offering support in myriad forms. Now, these resilient women are at the heart of PROJEK N.A.S.I.

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“Four women we have helped have agreed to don their aprons, as it were, to cook for other people in similarly dire situations as themselves,” Farrah added. In the modest flats for the underprivileged of the Perling area, the women will prepare 50 wholesome meals of mixed rice daily for Buka Puasa, which will be distributed to the poor in PPR Melana in Perling and at Yayasan Suria JB’s premises in Taman Johor Jaya.

The meals, which include rice, chicken, and vegetable dishes, will be sold at RM2.50.

“The meals are on a first-come, first-served basis, and we hope to increase the number as the Ramadan month progresses,” James added. For the PROJEK N.A.S.I. kick-off on March 12, the meals were divided into two locations: 30 at Yayasan Suria’s office and 20 at PPR Melana in Perling and were available by 4.30 pm.

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According to James, the response to the first day of PROJEK N.A.S.I. has been good, and they hope to increase the number of meals in the coming days.

Those who are interested in donating to this campaign can do so via Sokong: Donate to Ihsan Johor Donate to Yayasan Suria

Otherwise, you may call: Puan Farrah Baptist of Ihsan Johor at +60 12-253 8091 Or Mr James Ho of Yayasan Suria JB at +60 19-772 4172

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