Ihsan Johor
Johor, Johor Bahru
Poverty Alleviation
Youth & Children
Disaster Relief

Established in 2016, Ihsan Johor's main goal is to cultivate a spirit of nationalism through volunteer actions and compassion towards the welfare of the people and the country, in line with the government's efforts to achieve Insight Johor Progresif. We try to provide shelter to those in need, involve ourselves in humanitarian work when natural disasters strike, disseminate accurate information, support government initiatives in combating poverty, and inspire in disaster management.

Our vision is to nurture the spirit of volunteering in the community, especially among the younger generation, as we believe human development starts from them. We are committed to supporting the people of Johor and Malaysia through humanitarian aid. We believe that volunteering provides the experience of giving back to the community and offering help to those in need. Ihsan Johor is open to all segments of society and we welcome everyone to join our efforts.

Ihsan Johor not only helps at the local level but also extends its mission internationally. With an emphasis on housing development and humanitarian aid, we have become agents of change in the lives of many families. We use volunteering to build homes in three days, providing comfortable homes for families in need. These homes are carefully designed considering basic amenities, providing practical benefits to the recipients and encouraging a spirit of cooperative teamwork.

In addition to housing, Ihsan Johor is involved in education, soup kitchen, and other volunteer activities. Our commitment to education and long-term support is reflected in our disaster relief efforts in Indonesia. We have participated in helping flood victims in Islamabad, Pakistan, demonstrating our earnestness in promoting volunteerism and providing humanitarian aid not just within the country, but also on a global stage.

The importance of the spirit of volunteerism and helping others is emphasised by Mrs. Farrah Faridah Baptist, Chief Executive Officer of Ihsan Johor. Her earnestness in assisting communities in need has shaped a positive direction for our organization. In conclusion, Ihsan Johor has revitalized the spirit of humanity and volunteerism by helping communities in need both domestically and internationally. With cooperation, dedication, and a spirit of helping, we bring positive change to communities that need support.

by malaysiakini

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