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Tue Dec 19 2023

Ensuring Clean Water Access for Rural Sabah: Hopes Malaysia's Kampung Kiau Taburi Initiative

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Nestled in the serene Kadamaian area of Kota Belud, Sabah, lies the village of Kampung Kiau Taburi. Amidst lush greenery and clear streams, the 1,050 villagers have long grappled with the challenge of accessing sufficient clean water for their daily usage, as the village is disconnected from the public water system. A glimmer of hope now shines on the horizon as Hopes Malaysia steps in to empower this community with sustainable access to clean water, ensuring that their needs are met.

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For years, the villagers have faced difficulties obtaining clean and safe water. The existing gravity water system, reliant on central storage, poses risks to both safety and capacity. It jeopardises the well-being of the community, exposing them to waterborne diseases and environmental hazards.

Hopes Malaysia has taken on the mission of addressing this critical issue. Collaborating closely with the villagers, the organisation aims to reinforce the central storage facility, enhancing capacity, efficiency and safety measures. The project extends beyond immediate water access improvements and includes vital measures for landslide prevention.

Water overflowing from the cracked pipe of a slanted cement tank situated on a hill's slope, while the residential area (houses) is located below.jpg

Crucially, this project is a partnership that actively involves the villagers. The community will play an integral role in implementing these improvements, fostering a sense of ownership and pride. With an enhanced water supply, Kampung Kiau Taburi will have the resources to engage in long-term, sustainable livelihood activities, including farming.

The impact of this initiative extends to 1,050 villagers, with a significant focus on underserved families and the B40 community. Among these beneficiaries are 200 families residing in 180 houses. Additionally, essential community infrastructures, including two churches, a kindergarten, a rural clinic, and a community library, will benefit from improved water access.

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Aaron Bosuang, the Public Relations Executive of Hopes Malaysia, shares his optimism about this effort: "Hopes Malaysia will be working with the rural community of Kampung Kiau Taburi to reconstruct their damaged gravity water system's storage, sustainably improving clean water access for 1,050 villagers. Thank you so much to HEINEKEN Cares for your tremendous belief and support in our humble team's impactful work in the third year running, and Sokong for supporting and funding our sustainable initiative. We are overjoyed to come together to bring Sabah's rural families a brighter 2024!"

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As Hopes Malaysia endeavours to ensure clean water access for Kampung Kiau Taburi, we invite you to support this initiative along with five other impactful projects selected for the HEINEKEN Cares Programme. Your donation carries the power of amplification, as HEINEKEN Cares is committed to multiplying your contribution by five. For every RM10 you donate, HEINEKEN Cares will add RM40, making it a RM50 contribution.

This festive season, let's magnify our kindness and spread the spirit of giving. Join us in bringing essential change to underprivileged communities across Malaysia. Cheers to Giving Back – Donate Now!

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