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Wed Jul 26 2023

Empowering Malaysia through Sokong: Your Guide to Giving Back

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In Malaysia, Sokong stands as a beacon of hope, rising against societal challenges. It champions a wide array of causes including Youth and Children, Disaster Relief, Human Rights, Arts and Culture, Animal Welfare, Health, Environment, Poverty Alleviation, and Education to create an inclusive environment and a space for everyone to join in efforts in making meaningful differences. However, if you are new to giving, choosing a cause to support could be complicated as it involves understanding the issues, aligning with personal values, considering financial capabilities, and being aware of the unique challenges each cause faces. Fret not, in this article we will walk you through the causes you can find on Sokong.

Youth and Children Firstly, Sokong is devoted to nurturing the future leaders of Malaysia's legacy. Supporting this cause means making a lasting commitment to children from diverse backgrounds. The main hurdle lies in addressing economic inequalities and geographical constraints that limit equal access to opportunities. Your personal commitment to child welfare, education, and future development could motivate you to support this initiative. Sokong has partnered with Yayasan Chow Kit, a non-profit organisation providing essential services to children and teenagers in and around Chow Kit.

Disaster Relief As a commitment to provide immediate assistance to victims of catastrophes, organisations supporting this cause demand rapid funding and resources. A common challenge is overcoming logistical issues in reaching out to the remote areas affected. Your donation to the organisations responding to emergencies can help ensure rapid delivery of life-saving help and supplies, as well as long-term support to help vulnerable families recover. Food Aid Foundation, a food bank in Malaysia, is an example of Sokong's beneficiaries in this area.

Human Rights Human rights advocacy focuses on supporting marginalised communities, refugees, and those facing discrimination. Supporting this cause aligns with the values of equality and justice, to protect and promote the rights of everyone. The difficulty here is combating entrenched cultural norms and legal structures that might obstruct human rights. One of the beneficiaries supporting this cause is BERSIH, an organisation campaigning for clean and fair elections in Malaysia.

Arts and Culture Sokong supports organisations championing arts and culture to celebrate Malaysia's diverse heritage. Albeit government funding and private grants, many local, small organisations in this area have limited appreciation and funding. Donating to art charities brings more music, dance, painting, photography and theatre to our community. The Band Lab, one of Sokong’s early adopters, works on the provision of a holistic music education that is affordable and accessible to the youths of Sarawak.

Animal Welfare Animal welfare is another area where Sokong takes a stand, dedicated to protecting wildlife, stray animals, and endangered species. This cause is for those who harbour compassion for animals and respect for biodiversity. The significant issues here include managing stray populations, combating habitat destruction, and tackling animal cruelty. PAWS Animal Welfare Society, a non-profit animal shelter, is one of Sokong's partners in this endeavour.

Health The right to health is as important as the right to food and shelter. On Sokong, you can find initiatives directed not just towards supporting individuals facing physical illnesses but also mental health challenges. Those passionate about healthcare and wellness would find this cause worthwhile. An example of Sokong’s beneficiaries in healthcare is Charis Hospice, a non-profit organisation that provides free palliative home care services for patients with cancer and other advanced critical illnesses in Penang Island.

Environment Sokong's efforts towards environmental conservation aim for a sustainable future. Those with a deep interest in sustainability and nature preservation would find this cause appealing. The key challenge is balancing economic development with environmental preservation, addressing issues like deforestation, pollution, and climate change. Youth United for Earth (YUFE) is one of the beneficiaries focusing on advancing environmentalism in Malaysia, particularly among youths to foster the next generation of environmental movers.

Poverty Alleviation This philanthropic cause highlights the need to uplift the lives of low-income families, the unemployed, and the homeless. The main challenge in poverty alleviation is addressing systemic issues and socio-economic disparities that perpetuate poverty. Hopes Malaysia is an organisation that Sokong collaborates with, that focuses on sustainable community development projects to help the underprivileged rural Sabah community meet basic needs such as clean water.

Education To ensure equitable access to quality education for students, especially in disadvantaged areas, this cause would resonate with those who believe in the power of education to transform lives. The main hurdles are reducing school dropout rates and bridging the digital divide in education. On Sokong, you can find Iskul Sama di Laut Omadal, a school on Omadal Island, Sabah, that provides basic literacy for stateless children.

In conclusion, no matter which causes you choose to support and regardless of the amount you can afford, Sokong opens doors for everyone to create positive change, sending ripples of impact throughout Malaysian society. Explore the Sokong app now to find causes and organisations that resonate with you and start giving today. If there are any other charitable organisations that you would like to see in Sokong, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we will connect with them.

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