Youths United For Earth (YUFE)
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Youths United for Earth (YUFE) is a youth-led NGO advancing environmentalism in Malaysia. We aim to mobilize Malaysian youths for environmental action through environmental storytelling, grassroots community-building, and policy advocacy. Despite the abundance of environmental ventures in Malaysia, little attention is given to the people behind these initiatives. We fill this gap by featuring the personal journeys and work of young Malaysian environmentalists. By doing this, we hope to encourage & inspire greater youth mobilization, collaboration, and participation within the sector. We also launch several programs and campaigns to build nationwide solidarity for local environmentalism and climate action. We spearheaded Malaysia's first and largest Sustainability Mentorship Programme to facilitate the transfer of skills & expertise and shape the leaders and environmental advocates of tomorrow; kickstarted a thriving eco-book and film club; built a nationwide database for youth climate action, with more to come! Our vision is to become the envoy of Malaysian youth in the environmental sustainability scene by celebrating local environmentalism through YUFE's platform, one youth story at a time.

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