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Wed Dec 27 2023

A Historic Year: Gibbon Conservation Society's Journey in 2023

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As the end of 2023 draws near, we at the Gibbon Conservation Society (GCS) invite you to reflect with us on this momentous year. And what a momentous year it's been! Every gibbon in our care has surprised us this year as they learn and master the skills they will need to survive as wild gibbons one day. Bravo!

Most notably, Ebony and Coley, a devoted mating pair at Malaya GReP, have elevated our organisation to unprecedented heights with the arrival of the centre's inaugural baby gibbon. Baby Axel, in a historic first, not only represents the first time our gibbons have given birth — a crucial milestone toward their release — but also claims the title of the first gibbon ever born at a Malaysian rehabilitation centre. This heartening event marks a new chapter for GCS, as Baby Axel fulfills Ebony and Coley's final step toward rehabilitation.

Axel, Ebony & Coley-this.jpg

However, there are several crucial steps to navigate and preparations to undertake before this momentous release can occur, including:

  1. Conducting a comprehensive survey of our three potential release sites to guarantee our gibbon family finds a habitat abundant in food, devoid of other gibbon territories, and free from the threats of poaching and hunting.

  2. Overseeing the general care and monitoring of our gibbon family for six months, ensuring their readiness for the challenges they'll encounter in the wild.

  3. Engaging with local communities residing near the release site. This involves educating them about this significant event, emphasising the importance of gibbons thriving freely in their natural habitat, and encouraging their participation in protecting the family post-release.


  1. Executing thorough veterinary checks for all three family members to confirm their health and preparedness for release. This includes screenings for contagious diseases, aligning with our commitment to safeguard the health and well-being of wild gibbons in the area.

  2. Implementing a robust post-release monitoring system to track the family's progress, ensuring their successful integration into the wild environment and addressing any potential challenges that may arise.

In light of these newfound challenges, we've intensified our efforts on all fronts, with a particular emphasis on fundraising. This year has seen our organisation reach extraordinary milestones in fundraising, shattering previous records and fortifying our commitment to safeguarding gibbons. A standout moment occurred during "Giving Day for Apes," where not only did our organisation clinch Asia's "Most Improved" prize, but we also stood tall among the top rehabilitation centres in fundraising, elevating our efficiency by an impressive 500%! Your unwavering support has played a pivotal role in propelling us closer to our mission objectives.

In November, our dear friends Holly Thompson and Katie Madden, from Wildlife Asia, crafted a distinctive challenge and rallied us all to "Go Without for Gibbons" for the month—whether it was going without your daily coffee or an additional dinner out—and redirect those funds to GCS. The response was remarkable, and together, we raised an impressive AUD 1,180 -RM 3,616.45! Every penny of this sum will be directed towards facilitating the release of Ebony, Coley, and Baby Axel.

Despite our fundraising triumphs, however, we still find ourselves below our $22,000 goal (the estimated total cost of releasing our new gibbon family). Thankfully, with the close of 2023 still on the horizon, we turn to the holiday season with a heartfelt appeal. We kindly ask for your assistance to ensure the safe and successful release of Malaysia's inaugural rehabilitated gibbon family into the wild. Your support during this crucial period will make a lasting impact on the future of Ebony, Coley, and Baby Axel.


To contribute, you can donate directly here, through Sokong. If making a monetary contribution is not feasible, you can still champion our cause by donating your voice and sharing our mission with your friends and family, either in person or through your social media channels. Every action, big or small, brings us one step closer to ensuring the success of Malaysia's first rehabilitated gibbon family in their return to the wild.

As we eagerly approach the new year, our excitement is heightened, fueled by the anticipation that, with your generous support, 2024 will mark the triumphant year when Ebony, Coley, and Baby Axel reclaim their birthright in the wild. We acknowledge that none of our achievements thus far would have been possible, or ever will be possible, without your steadfast support. As we make the turn into 2024, we earnestly invite you to stand with us, passionately championing the cause of gibbon conservation.


Thank you, and here's to a future where all gibbons swing and sing freely in their natural habitat!

Click here to donate to Gibbon Conservation Society (GCS).

You can also donate through other donation pathways such as Paypal and Bank Transfer here.

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