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The birth of Axel, the first-ever gibbon born at a rehabilitation centre in Malaysia, has brought us to such an incredible and exciting juncture for gibbon conservation! Rehabilitation for gibbons is a long process and can take anywhere between 5-15 years long. For the first time, after 10 years of operations, GCS finally has a gibbon family so close to being released and we need your help to get them one step closer. For the next 6 months, Ebony, Coley and Axel will be closely monitored to ensure that they can survive and function like a proper gibbon family in the wild. During this time, we need your generous support for their pre-release costs, which include health checks, food, release site surveys, equipment, and more. All donations will go to their pre-release costs. Our final goal for this family is to see them free in the wild. With Ebony and Coley both successfully completing the IUCN 7 release criteria for gibbons, the long journey is almost complete. After these 6 months, we will hopefully be able to begin the release of the family. This release is what we call a “soft release”, where the family is monitored and gradually becomes independent at its own pace. Their ultimate success will be when they are happy and feel safe enough to have a second child in the wild. Together, us, the gibbons, and your generous donations, we can get closer to the dream that Axel might be the first Malaysian gibbon born in a rehabilitation centre that has the opportunity to simply live as gibbons deserve, being themselves in the wild. May Axel’s song become a beautiful testament to the power of conservation and efforts against the brutal illegal pet trade.

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