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Project SAVE (Stray Assistance & Volunteer Empowerment) - Q1 2024

Be the Heartbeat of Change for 26,000 Animal Rescuers & Strays! 🐶😻 Join's groundbreaking Project SAVE (Stray Assistance & Volunteer Empowerment) initiative to uplift 26,000 rescuers across the nation, empowering them with instant donations, dedicated volunteers, stray-centric services, and streamlined logistics. Anticipated to conserve RM 2.5 million annually, tens of thousands of homeless animals will benefit from better care and environment. Logistical and operational costs of rescuers and shelters will be significantly reduced, allowing them to rescue and rehome more animals. This RM 10,000 campaign goal will contribute towards the project's initial development phase, estimated to cost around RM 250,000. To learn more about this project, please visit Thank you for your generosity! ❤️

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