Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Animal Welfare is Malaysia's premier animal welfare platform since 2008. We strive to find loving homes for strays, educate pet owners, and empower shelters and rescuers.

Over 200,000 animals are showcased on our platform. 68,000 have successfully found loving families, with 25,000 more for urgent adoption.

Our platform's key features include mobile app, PetGPT AI writer, lost & found, education portal, medical fund, vet & store directory, microchip database, classifieds, and discussion forum.

Beyond pet welfare, we develop leading-edge tech and AI solutions for farm animals and wildlife conservation, collaborating with global non-profit organizations to impact animal welfare and environment conservation efforts across the world.

We also launched Malaysia's pioneering meat-free lifestyle platform,, encouraging plant-based lifestyle to save animals, health, environment, and money.

To help homeless animals or discover more, please visit

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