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Support Neutering of Street Animals

Street animals live a hard life. They are subject to abuse, cruelty and all kinds of dangers. The authorities only adopt a catch-and-kill method which not only does not work but is very cruel and unfair to the animals. The street is their home; where they are born is the only home they know. The most compassionate way to control the population of street animals is to get them neutered, rehomed or failing that, returned to their colonies where feeders continue looking after them. We call this CNRM = Care-Neuter-Return-Manage. AnimalCare has been supporting the neutering of street animals since May 2009 and to date, we have helped in the neutering of more than 11,000 street animals, and counting! We also help in their vaccination and medical issues. When we have surplus funds, this is channeled to purchase food for them too. We are aiming to raise RM1000 by the end of this year to support the work that we do. Please help us achieve this target through your kindness and generosity. Our work can be viewed here: Thank you so much!
Reached : RM 10
Goal : RM 1000
Thank you for the support, we have reached the end of our donation campaign.
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