AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Animal Welfare

AnimalCare Society Petaling Selangor is a neutering and medical fund for street animals. Since its inception in May 2009, AnimalCare has provided aid for thousands of street animals throughout the whole of Malaysia.

Our primary mission is to give financial aid and support to the practice of One-Street CNRM (Care-Neuter-Return-Manage) of street animals.

This includes neutering, vaccination and medical aid. Surplus funds are also channelled in the form of food aid to selected shelters.

Besides providing aid, AnimalCare is also an educational platform for inculcating kindness to all animals. Our founder, Dr Chan Kah Yein, has written books on compassion towards animals and more than 70,000 books have been published and distributed for free to the public. Education by example is the key to change, so our blog and social media platform contains many real-life stories of our dedicated caregiving to rescued animals.

AnimalCare envisions the day when humans and animals live harmoniously on the planet.

by malaysiakini

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