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Since 2003, over 5,000 students have graduated from our School. The disciplines required of learning Carnatic music and other traditional arts of India instil essential skillsets and a holistic perspective to life, grounded on positive values amongst students. Thus, giving rise to a community of talented, well rounded Malaysian youth. Our efforts have resulted in multiple awards and recognition from Malaysia as well as from global institutions. Yet, our journey hasn’t been without hurdles. Relying on rented spaces has posed issues, from space constraints to frequent moves. To address this, we have identified a suitable property in PJ, Selangor. We have entered a rent-to-purchase scheme with the developer, which will see ownership transferred to Sugam in 2 years. This building is being designed to be fully integrated with required classrooms, dance studios, as well as adequate AV facilities. There will also be a floor as our new wing dedicated to teach Malaysian traditional art forms. Estimated total cost is RM3.3M, to be raised from donors and sponsors. This crowdfunding campaign is our call to you. With a target of RM300,000, these funds will address immediate renovation and setup costs. Those who contribute RM1000 or more will be eligible for acknowledgement on our “Wall of Gratitude” with the provision of proof of payment with details of name, email and contact number to be emailed to [email protected]. Please, support generously. Your contributions will enable your Community School of Traditional Arts & Culture to continue its journey to build our future generations. Sincerely, The Sugam Team
Reached : RM 10920
Goal : RM 300000
Thank you for the support, we have reached the end of our donation campaign.
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