SUGAM Malaysia
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Arts & Culture


SUGAM is a non-profit organisation formed in 2003, aimed at societal transformation through arts and culture. SUGAM strives to create real and lasting positive social changes for Malaysia through their work in the focus areas of Arts, Culture and Education. It is dedicated to promoting and preserving cultural heritage. With a mission to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, SUGAM organises various events, festivals, and educational programs to showcase the richness and diversity of cultural traditions. Apart from promoting arts and culture and carrying outreach programmes, SUGAM also realises its mission through its teaching schools, Sugam Karnatica (arts education) and Sugam Samskhaaraa (values education). Sugam Karnatica promotes various cultural art forms such as music, drama and dance, and finds ways to fuse them in today’s world, whilst Sugam Samskhaaraa provides education in values and culture. Sugam Karnatica is a collaborating partner with Tamil Nadu J. Jayalalitha Music and Fine Arts University to offer graded exams from entry level to Diploma. It was also awarded the ‘Outstanding School in the field of Arts and Culture’ at the World Educational Leaders Summit 2021.

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