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Wed Nov 15 2023

Yayasan Suria's 'Donate a Tile' Campaign Resonates as Fundraising Gala Sells Out Tables

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Yayasan Kebajikan Suria's ambitious campaign to secure funds for their new building has received overwhelming support, with all tables for their fundraising gala dinner on November 19 already sold out.

The event has raised RM660,000, and the organisation aims to collect an additional RM140,000 to reach their RM800,000 target for the building purchase, according to James Ho, the founder and secretary of Yayasan Suria.

“There’s still time even after the Gala Dinner, so please help us help those in need,” James pleaded.

Taking inspiration from Malaysiakini's successful 'Donate a Brick' campaign, Yayasan Suria has adopted a similar approach with a unique twist - the 'Donate a Tile' initiative. James Ho explained, "We saw the bricks at the launch of with the names of people who had contributed RM1,000 towards their building fund. So, we unashamedly copied it but we're using tiles instead." The campaign encourages individuals to contribute towards the organisation's permanent facility by having their names etched onto tiles that will adorn the walls of the new 'House of Love & Humility.'

The two-story building, which will serve as the organisation's hub in Johor Bahru, is aptly named 'House of Love & Humility.' It will accommodate essential administrative functions and provide space for volunteers.

DSC03333-Future Premises-1.jpg

James emphasised, "We'll have rooms on the first floor for outstation volunteers, and we'll rent the other rooms to help defray the cost of utilities and other expenses incurred in running Yayasan Suria."

In addition to financial contributions, the Gala Dinner on November 19 invites the public to contribute a minimum of RM888.00 each to have their names etched onto tiles, symbolising their everlasting commitment to Yayasan Suria's cause. Donors have the freedom to choose the names they wish to inscribe on the tiles, whether it be their own, a loved one, a friend, a company, or even an anonymous dedication.

"The essence of the campaign extends beyond financial support; it strives to cultivate a legacy of compassion and philanthropy," James Ho added passionately.

The new headquarters, a short drive away, will replace the current office in Johor Jaya. James Ho remarked, "This is a remarkable opportunity to bring about positive change in the lives of others and your own life as well. Donating a tile contributes to constructing this Home of Love and Humility. Together, we lay the foundation for Yayasan Suria JB's enduring mission."


In embracing the 'Donate a Tile' initiative, Yayasan Suria JB aspires to not only establish a tangible home for its charitable initiatives but also to fortify the spirit of giving and compassion, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of philanthropy for years to come.

For those wishing to support Yayasan Suria's noble endeavour, contributions to the building fund can be made through Sokong. Click here to view their campaign.

Alternatively, donations can be made through Yayasan Kebajikan Suria Kawasan Permas Johor Bahru's official website,, or through banking to Yayasan Kebajikan Suria Kawasan Permas Johor Bahru, Hong Leong Bank account 047-000-297-65, with the reference "Donate a tile".

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