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Fri Feb 09 2024

Wawasan JB: Holistic Welfare Programmes Keystone of Wawasan's Unique Community Offering

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A Place of Inclusivity: Fulfilling the Outreach Mission of Full Gospel Church JB

Nestled within the expansive 16.5-acre premises of the Full Gospel Church in Johor Bahru, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Wawasan JB stands as a ray of hope, extending the church's outreach mission beyond religious confines. Since its inception in September 2001, Wawasan has assisted the needy, destitute, and elderly across diverse communities in Johor Bahru.

With a team of 16 full-time staff and with the support of 30 volunteers, Wawasan runs seven impactful programmes. These include Single Parents, Special Kids, School Ministry, Counselling, and Elderly Learning.

Kids Enrichment and Morning Exercises

The organisation caters to special kids with learning disabilities, autism, and ADHD, offering tailored activities such as sewing and crafting.

Beyond education aimed at children with learning disabilities, autism and ADHD, Wawasan operates a vocational school for youths with autism, focusing on bakery skills. The school has expanded to include a public café, generating income to support the school's operations.

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Chairperson Lydia Goh emphasises the importance of the café and bakery in covering costs while providing a delightful experience for the public.

"The bakery and café are so important for the young adults because it gives them so much self-esteem and shows them that there are opportunities and a future for them living with autism," Lydia said.

Beyond Charity: Wawasan's Ongoing Support in Normal Weekdays

"In a typical week, Wawasan distributes food and grocery boxes to needy families, supporting their school-going children with expenditures, and empowers single-parent families through part-time work opportunities," said Lydia.

"Often, the schools alert families that need help, and we approach them to evaluate how we can assist.

Wawasan works with three schools in the area, aiding children with expenses and helping 40 families needing assistance.

"It's a process that we go through to help effectively because once we start, there is constant contact and assistance, giving emotional support and introducing empowerment programmes for sustained progress," she added.

Wawasan's distinctive feature lies in its provision of pro bono counselling services covering various aspects of family life.

"The counselling also includes financial management of family incomes because we encourage and assist them with part-time work. Even though some families are entitled to financial assistance from the Welfare ministry, the amount is never enough," Lydia added.


"Part-time work enables single parents to balance income with family time as the kids cannot be left without parental presence," Lydia revealed.

Additionally, the organisation conducts seminars on crucial topics such as psychoeducation, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, stress management, and parenting, addressing societal issues, especially among the B40 category.

Rising to the Occasion: Disaster Relief and Community Support

During times of crisis, Wawasan's volunteers rally together to organise food banks and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to hospitals in Johor Bahru.


The organisation collaborates with other NGOs for disaster relief efforts, exemplified by their recent partnership with Yayasan Kebajikan Suria during the widespread flooding in Johor.

Financial Sustainability: A Balancing Act Supported by the Community

Managing Wawasan JB costs RM40,000 per month, sustained through donations and contributions from the Full Gospel Church. The centre's rental is generously provided for free, and various programmes, such as the special kids' centre and bakery, operate on self-sustaining principles, ensuring the organisation's continued impact on the community.

Lydia said that without public generosity, no charity organisation can effectively serve communities, "and so many people need assistance," Lydia added.


Success Stories: Transforming Lives and Building Resilient Communities

Since its beginnings in 2001, Wawasan can claim several successes that are probably too numerous, with so many different situations to mention here.

"We've come across and helped so many over the years, it's impossible to list down even.

"For example, we’ve helped a mother of four children, seven, six, four, and three, who were victims of domestic violence, whom we have helped to ensure they have a constant income and are emotionally stable from the traumatic effects of abuse and violence.

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"We've helped a family with a vision-impaired child who was a victim of loan sharks and were thrown out of their house, who we helped to the point where the son graduated from University Malaya," Lydia revealed.

As with all charities, NGOs, and nonprofits who serve the communities, money is always in short supply to ensure the continuance of their programmes.

If you are able, you can contribute to Wawasan JB by donating here. Otherwise, share this story with your friends and family to raise awareness for the commendable work that Wawasan JB is doing.

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