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Fri Oct 13 2023

UTP Students Successfully Removed 209.5kg of Underwater Debris and Mainland Trash at Perhentian Island


Perhentian Island – Volunteers, including UTP divers, collected a total of 209.5kg of rubbish from the seabed and beach near the Pulau Perhentian using the prototype invented. Beach cleaning was used during the beach cleanup activity to test out the prototype performance to make beach cleaning more accessible and faster. Meanwhile, an Underwater Pro-grabber was used during the dive against debris activity to reach the underwater debris in between the coral much shorter time.


Waste originates from various sources, including marine debris and trash conveyed by ocean currents. Additionally, unlawful disposal of waste by individuals and businesses on the island generates rubbish in the absence of adequate waste management strategies. Furthermore, tourists may unintentionally contribute to the accumulation of trash through casual littering. Different entities including local residents, non-governmental bodies such as ProjekWaste and dive centres such as Sea Voice Divers, are actively implementing measures to address waste management issues on Perhentian Island.



The trash was collected by UTP students involved in the KRAKEN X KEMBARA International Coastal Cleanup Day program. They conducted thorough waste data collection and management activities, with assistance from the Sea Voice Divers and the ProjekWaste team.

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Beach cleanup program:

Seventeen volunteers from the ProjekWaste team and UTP students managed to collect 172 kg of trash from two different locations - Susu Dara and Panglima Abu, Perhentian Island. Plastic bottles were the most collected item compared to other types of trash such as plastic bags, polystyrene, food wrappers, foam dock pieces, and others. The items are carried by the ocean current to the shore and affect the ecosystem and some are eaten by marine animals that mistake it for food. The volunteers successfully sorted all the trash collected and weighed them before filling in the data into the Swell App by Reef Check Malaysia and the beach cleanup trash form. Then all the trash were sent to proper waste management at Kuala Besut.

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Volunteers found out our Beach Cleanpro was suitable to use at certain locations such as sandy beaches instead of hard rock beaches at Susu Dara and Panglima Abu. The prototype was then given to Sea Voice Divers and ProjekWaste as their equipment for the upcoming cleanup activity.

Dive Against Debris Program:

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The Dive Against Debris Program consists of 20 divers made up of Sea Voice dive masters and UTP divers who managed to collect 37.5 KG of underwater debris from several dive locations from Batu Nissan to the Karma dive site. The dive depth range was 19 meters. Plastic fragments were mostly found during the Dive Against Debris Program besides plastic bottles, caps, metal lids, bouy float, rope, rubber fragments, and many else. These items were properly sorted off and weighed before proceeding with data management in PADI Aware and Swell App by Reef Check Malaysia.



The newly invented “Underwater Pro Grabber” was very helpful according to all the divers who attended. This prototype facilitates divers in safely and efficiently reaching underwater debris. Nonetheless, to ensure optimal results and quality for long-term usage, certain enhancements are necessary. These include the choice of material used, incorporating an adjustable length feature, and refining the design of the claw component.

Overall, the International Coastal Cleanup Program coordinated by Reef Check Malaysia participated by the UTP students was a successful collaboration between different entities and the prototype performance was tested during the effort. This serves as a stellar example for other organisations to either participate in similar programs or organise independently. The KRAKEN X KEMBARA International Coastal Cleanup program will sustain its momentum by hosting the KRAKEN X KEMBARA Coastal Awareness Talk, scheduled for 21 October 2023 at UTP. For further updates and information, please visit Instagram @utpkraken.

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