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Wed Sep 13 2023

UTP student's prototype for Perhentian Island


PERHENTIAN ISLAND - From 29th September to 2nd October 2023, UTP KRAKEN and UTP KEMBARA will bring two prototypes to Perhentian Island for the beach cleanup program and dive against debris program in conjunction with International Coastal Cleanup Day 2023 coordinated by Reef Check Malaysia. KRAKEN X KEMBARA International Coastal Cleanup Day Project 2023 will have collaborated with Sea Voice Dive Center, the Projekwaste team, and Reef Check Malaysia. This program aims to promote and encourage sustainable practices and responsible waste management. Besides that, we are committed to creating two prototypes for our programs: the beach cleanup and dive against debris program.

Beach Cleanup Pro

Introduce our prototype “Beach Cleanup Pro” which can provide an efficient and user-friendly beach cleanup solution that can separate small trash such as cigarette butt, plastic spoons, and straws efficiently thus making beach cleaning more accessible and faster.

KEMBARA prototype.jpg

Pro Grabber

Introduce our next prototype, the “Underwater Pro Grabber” which provides an efficient and user-friendly solution that can help the diver reach underwater debris in between the coral in a much shorter time.

KRAKEN prototype.jpg

Our prototype can make a difference in the beach clean-up and dive against debris programs, as we did CSR at Koh Lipe Thailand in December 2022. The problems we encountered during the CSR program were applied in our prototype-making and problem statement.


On the beach cleanup program, volunteers must bend down and collect the trash by hand before putting it into the trash bag. It becomes more difficult when they need to collect small trash such as cigarette butts or plastic spoons or straws, or any trash of small size, they are required to look closely before they pick up the trash.


However, for the dive against debris program, divers must collect underwater debris by hand while maintaining their buoyancy near the coral. Before they pick up underwater debris between the coral, the diver keeps their safe distance between the coral and proceeds to pick it up by hand. For our prototype, the underwater pro grabber we would like to give a diver solution to is more efficient, safer, and user-friendly for divers to do a dive against debris program. We believe our underwater pro grabber can help divers collect underwater debris between the coral smoothly.


Community Support

We are looking forward to community support that may help us financially to create and produce a good prototype for our coastal cleanup day program.


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