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Tue Jun 04 2024

Sweat and Support: The Thrilling World of REDLINE Powered by Nissan Event

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Picture this: The rhythmic hum of a hundred spinning wheels, the electrifying energy of competition, a community united for a cause. Welcome to REDLINE.

A New Fitness Frontier

REDLINE is set to revolutionise Malaysia’s fitness scene with its gamified functional fitness events, aimed at fitness enthusiasts of all levels. More than a mere test of strength and stamina, REDLINE embodies endurance, camaraderie, and community spirit.

At the heart of REDLINE is an 'engine-revving' challenge, not in the sense of the powerful engines that power the Nissan GT-R, but rather muscles and ligaments, pushing participants to their limits in a fun, adrenaline-pumping, sweat-drenched environment.

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The event transforms exercise into an exhilarating competition, where individuals gauge their fitness against others and, more importantly, against their personal bests – their machines; four static bikes for them to peddle hard for one minute to gauge how far they’ve gone against their competitors.

The name REDLINE perfectly encapsulates this essence—pushing the boundaries, going full throttle, and leaving it all on the mat.

Growing Momentum

"The first REDLINE event was held from 23 to 24 September last year, so this is the second time we're having it," said Mr. Callum Meehan, Founder & Event Director of  REDLINE.

He explained that REDLINE isn't just a one-off event as it maintains momentum throughout the year with one main event and eight roadshows, each offering unique themes and partnerships.

“The flexibility in these themes ensures every event is fresh and engaging, tailoring the experience to different causes and collaborations,” he added.


Despite its local roots, REDLINE has ambitious plans for the future, eyeing international expansion in 2025.

"Our goal is clear: to create a global network of fitness enthusiasts united by their drive to push limits and support noble causes," Mr. Meehan explained.

HBN 2024: A Celebration of Youth and Fitness

At the Hari Belia Negara 2024 (HBN 2024) celebration held in Melaka on 25-26 May, the REDLINE powered by Nissan x Sokong ‘Cycle For Change’ Challenge exemplified its mission to drive positive societal impact through fitness. This initiative, in collaboration with, supports Yayasan Chow Kit, a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre that provides essential services to at-risk children and teenagers.

"Previous years didn't feature NGO collaborations, but the success of this initiative has set a new precedent for future events," Mr. Meehan added.


He continued: "This collaboration embodies the spirit of giving back, using fitness as a conduit for fostering children and youth well-being and societal change."

The goal was to collect RM3,500, raised through an entry fee of RM10.00, which will be donated to Yayasan Chow Kit.

Supporting Yayasan Chow Kit

The RM3,500 supports one week of nutritious meals for 100 children under Yayasan Chow Kit's care. Many at-risk children in Kuala Lumpur’s Chow Kit area are malnourished or obese, making this support vital.

"Since implementing our programme, we've witnessed remarkable transformations among the children we serve in the Chow Kit area.

"We've observed a decline in malnourishment and obesity rates, along with a decrease in deficiencies that can impede their growth and development," said Ananti Rajasingam, Founder & CEO of Yayasan Chow Kit.


She added, "Your donation feeds a child and gives them a chance at a healthier, brighter future."

Yayasan Chow Kit operates a 24-hour crisis centre, two drop-in centres, and a safe house for children needing temporary guardianship. It also provides meals, activities, therapy, case management, and educational programmes for children and teenagers in the Chow Kit area.

An Unexpected Victory

Mohd Al Zulkarnaim bin Sapti, a final-year Computer Science student at UiTM in Jasin Melaka, triumphed in the REDLINE powered by Nissan x Sokong ‘Cycle for Change’ challenge, securing victory in the cycling event with participation from over 70 competitors.


"This was the first time that I had participated in any cycling event, either on the road or in a static event such as the REDLINE event, and I was surprised that I won against many participants," Zulkarnaim said.

Zulkarnaim is more of a footballer and only hits the static cycle at the campus gym once a week, while football is a daily affair.

"I don't even have a bicycle," he quipped.

Looking Ahead

"Mark your calendars for the main event on July 13-14, 2024, where REDLINE aims to amplify this impact, showcasing our unwavering commitment to community welfare through collaboration with," Mr. Meehan added.

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