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Wed Oct 04 2023

SPCA Kajang: Nurturing hope for stray animals

Animal Welfare

Originally published on Citizen’s Journal Published: Oct 9, 2023

Discover the inspiring journey of Jacqueline Vincent, founder of SPCA Kajang, and her mission to shelter and care for over 200 stray animals.


Nestled within a hillside in Kajang, an animal shelter has been grappling with the task of caring for stray animals under the stewardship of its founder, Jacqueline Vincent.

Jacqueline, 58-year-old founder of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Kajang, embarked on her journey with a single act of rescue – saving a stray dog named Stribe.

“I credit Stribe, my first rescued dog, as the true founder of this shelter ” said Jacqueline, reflecting on her humble beginnings.


The shelter that covers two to three acres of land, once cared for by ‘Uncle Wu,’ who also looked after strays. Following his passing, Jacqueline took up the mantle, officially establishing the shelter under Sam Chan in 2016.

Over time, her dedication transformed her from an individual rescuer into the guardian of a shelter that now provides refuge to more than 200 homeless animals.

However, she faced formidable challenges, including financial constraints and limited access to utilities.

Sustaining the shelter


Facing daily challenges, Jacqueline and her close ally, Sam Chan, the shelter’s vice president, grapple with veterinary expenses, procuring essentials, and compensating full-time workers responsible for the animals’ care.

Due to ongoing financial crises, the dogs at the shelter are fed twice daily with a modest meal of porridge, including egg and chicken. Donations from local friends and families, typically ranging from RM 2,000 to RM 4,000 per month, barely cover basic needs.

“Sometimes my dogs don’t even get to see the chicken and egg; they can only smell it, and that’s enough to entice them to eat,” added Jacqueline


Jacqueline estimates that a minimum of RM 6,000 per month is required to provide food for the 200 sheltered dogs and an additional 100 or more strays nearby. The challenge lies in obtaining consistent monthly donations to sustain the shelter.

“We require consistent monthly donations to sustain the shelter,” said Jacqueline.

The rollercoaster ride


To ensure its continued operation and the well-being of its residents, consistent financial support is crucial. The shelter requires a minimum of RM 20,000 monthly to cover expenses, including food and workers’ salaries.

Jacqueline’s dedication knows no bounds, and she regards the dogs as her own children, covering the shelter’s monthly rent of RM 1,500, ensuring their security.

“Although there are generous individuals who contribute significant sums like RM1000, these funds are not consistent or dependable enough to cover our monthly expenses. It’s a rollercoaster, with donations coming and going.” added Chan

As they confront these challenges, Jacqueline and Sam, along with their dedicated team, are reaching out to the community and beyond, hoping that compassionate hearts will come forward to support their noble cause.

“I consider myself a high-class beggar, pleading for the sake of our dogs. Beggars can’t afford to be selective.” said Jacqueline.


Their concern extends to the shelter’s future, prompting them to ask when this struggle will end, and who will continue the mission if funds run dry.

SPCA Kajang, under the leadership of Jacqueline Vincent and Sam Chan, remains a beacon of hope for stray animals in need. However, financial challenges threaten the shelter’s existence.

“When is all this going to come to an end? It’s either when I die, or the dog shelter gets shut.”

“Somebody has to run it after me, but who is going to run it if there are no funds?” added Jacqueline.

Consistent financial support is vital to sustaining the shelter’s operations and ensuring the well-being of its residents. As they contemplate the future, Jacqueline and Sam highlight the need for ongoing funds and someone to continue their mission of compassion.

To support SPCA Kajang is to nurture hope for these voiceless creatures. Jacqueline, Sam, and their dedicated team reach out to the community, hoping that those with compassion in their hearts will step forward and help secure the future of this vital sanctuary.

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