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Mon May 27 2024

Shechinah: Spreading Wesak Joy to Kg Orang Asli Seletar Sg Temon

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In the heartwarming spirit of Wesak Day, celebrated nationally on 22 May, the Shechinah Association Johor Bahru brought joy and generosity to various needy communities. Staying true to its mission of spreading love and kindness, the charity organised ‘Meals of Loving, Kindness, and Goodwill’ for several underprivileged groups.

The charity event profoundly impacted the Orang Asli Seletar community in Kampung Sungai Temon, nestled in Perling, Johor Bahru.

Generous funds from the SJ Varied Foundation and delightful contributions from the VBurg bakery ensured that the village's needy received various treats, groceries, and candies. The children's smiles showed their joy as they received new school bags and stationery.


Helen Boh, a dedicated committee member and fundraiser for Shechinah, played a pivotal role in this noble initiative.

Her leadership and Commitment were instrumental in the event's success at Kampung Orang Asli Seletar Sungai Temon, marking the end of the ‘Meals of Loving, Kindness, and Goodwill’ food run for the Wesak celebrations. She expressed heartfelt gratitude to all contributors and volunteers who made the programme successful.


An extra delight for the villagers was a cookout orchestrated by the beloved 'Aunty Nesam.' Known for her tireless work at Pusat Kebajikan Puspanesam—a shelter she has managed since 2004—Aunty Nesam brought along a chef to prepare a sumptuous chicken curry feast, served with Biryani rice and vegetables. The tantalising aroma and the delicious meal added a special touch to the celebration.

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The Wesak Day programme benefited 50 households at Kampung Sungai Temon. For those unable to attend, food and goodies were thoughtfully left with the Tok Batin, ensuring everyone shared in the day's bounty.

Shechinah Association has supported Orang Asli villages, actively assisting communities of Kampung Pasir Salam in Ulu Tiram, Kampung Punan in Mersing, Kampung Tewowoh in Kahang, and now, for the first time, Kampung Orang Asli Seletar Sungai Temon. Their ‘Rural People Development’ initiatives encompass more than just provisions; they offer tuition, implement clean water systems, and provide job placements.

The association's extensive ministries include a Halfway House for temporary shelter for those in varying stages of putting their lives back together, food programmes for the urban poor, prayer and counselling services, and social awareness training and campaigns.


Shechinah is facing urgent needs while tirelessly caring for and meeting the needs of others, which is considered paramount to its existence as a charity. They need a new venue for their Halfway House, a vital part of their charity operations, and funds to acquire a van crucial for their activities.

The van, currently under a sponsor who is winding up its business, has an outstanding hire-purchase loan that must be cleared for the ownership transfer. Your support is crucial in meeting these needs and continuing their impactful work.

Do support Shechinah's mission by donating today. Join a community dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

To support Shechinah's invaluable work, please visit their page on or Facebook for details on the donation. Every contribution makes a difference in continuing their mission of love and kindness.

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