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Tue Mar 19 2024

Shechinah Association needs your help to keep their van

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Shechinah Association Johor Bahru needs your help to settle the remaining loan on their dependable van. It has helped transport residents of their halfway house to the hospital for regular medical checkups and transported provisions to the underprivileged around Johor Bahru. It is on the road every day and at all hours, providing vital transportation for the needs of the communities that Shechinah serves.

"The van belongs to a company for our use, but it is still in its name," explained Founder and President James Issachar.

"Unfortunately, the company is winding up, and we need to settle the outstanding loan of RM15,000 for the vehicle ownership to be transferred to us.

"We need this vehicle; it is vital for us as a charity," he added.

Although based in the Jalan Abdul Samad area of Johor Bahru, the Association serves communities across the city and beyond.

Founded by Issachar in 2018, Shechinah focuses on five assistance areas called Ministries: the Halfway House which is at Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, Rural People Assistance, Providing Food and Provisions for the urban poor, which they call 'Meals of Hope and Love', Prayer and Counselling, and Promoting Skills through Collaboration with Vocational Colleges.

They also have an aid centre in Kangkar Pulai to help the B40 community in the area.

Lately, an increasing number of people who have served their prison sentences have requested loggings at the halfway house.

"One reason for establishing the halfway house was to help youths escape from gangsterism, and somehow, word has filtered to inmates at the local prison that Shechinah can provide temporary lodgings and assistance to help them get back on their feet," Issachar revealed.

"So the number of former convicts staying with us has increased, but they are not hardcore criminals; they were mainly involved in gangsterism and petty crimes," he added.

"We not only take them in, but we need them to be out and working to lead normal lives, and we have been grateful for the companies we are in contact with who give them a chance," he added.

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It's not just former criminals that Shechinah assists; they are currently working with the Indian High Commission to return two of their citizens who've been trafficked to a company that had not paid them and subjected one to beatings.

Issachar said that the nearby Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA) recommends patients who need care but need not be awarded for treatment but require scheduled medical treatment or examinations.

In recognition of their collaboration with the hospital over the years two of Shechinah's volunteers have been qualified by HSA under the hospital's volunteering programme.

“This is quite an honour to be given such recognition,” Issachar noted.

While all their programmes have been successful, they have hit a snag in their planned efforts to provide tuition for children of B40 families in Kangkar Pulai.

“Some unfortunate personal matters have come up for our teacher," James explained.

"We're actively searching for a replacement who can provide tuition in the area, especially since school has already started. We understand this might cause some disruption, and we're working hard to find a solution as soon as possible," he added.

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