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Tue Jan 16 2024

Rotary Club of Klang Valley Champions Multiple Sclerosis Awareness


In a dedicated effort to heighten awareness surrounding multiple sclerosis (MS), the Rotary Club of Klang Valley recently orchestrated an expert panel discussion in collaboration with MS Society Malaysia and Sokong, a digital platform by Malaysiakini to aid non-profit NGOs in fundraising. The event received substantial support from the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).

The moderated panel comprising a consultant neurologist, a patient and a caregiver drew more than fifty attendees, including patients, families, rotarians and members of the community. Held at the Malaysiakini venue, the forum aimed to foster a deeper understanding of MS, promoting awareness of the multifaceted rare disease with a focus on community education, medical care and support services.

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The poignant narratives shared by the patient and caregiver unveiled the emotional challenges faced with courage, while the consultant neurologist delved into the critical medical aspects of the disease.

Multiple sclerosis arises when the immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord, affecting over 1.8 million people worldwide. Studies reveal that the complex needs of MS patients are often overlooked due to a perceived lack of awareness.

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The panel’s concluding thoughts emphasized the urgent need for national awareness and early education for diagnosis, the accessibility of medication for all patients was underscored and the recommendation for patients and caregivers to consult psychologists to manage the psychological challenges. Additionally, the inclusion of MS in the Continuing Medical Education (CME) for the general practitioners programme organised by the MMA was highlighted.

Looking ahead, the Rotary Club of Klang Valley in collaboration with MS Society Malaysia, is eager to forge meaningful partnerships with organisations to foster the MS conversation nationwide. Strategic alliances with a shared mission will contribute to creating an inclusive and compassionate community, recognizing that there is Life with MS and Life beyond MS.

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