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Mkini introduces Sokong app to help NGOs raise funds

Originally published on Malaysiakini by Haspaizi Zain Published: Aug 26, 2022

Malaysiakini has launched a mobile application, Sokong, as a digital platform to help non-profit NGOs fundraise as well as distribute donations to those in need.

The project manager of Sokong, Eshwaren M, said the platform was developed with a grant from the Google News Initiative.

Those who are interested can visit the website and download the application, he added.

He explained that Sokong will connect the social welfare sector with the public to raise funds.

As a start, Sokong is targeting the participation of 1,000 donors, connecting them to over 100 NGOs via the platform.

“The target for this year is to have 1,000 donors and 10,000 for next year.

“As for next year, we aim to raise RM1 million worth of donations.

“This year we aim for 100 organisations to join (Sokong), next year 300 organisations,” he said during the launch of the Sokong platform at Malaysiakini’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya, Selangor today.

Also present were co-founders of Malaysiakini Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran.

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Eshwaren said Sokong will greatly benefit NGOs that use the platform to raise funds.

The platform provides a facility to collect donations over a short period, campaign-specific contributions, or recurring donations over a specific time such as monthly.

“Sokong will ensure that fundraising is done in a transparent manner and does not make any profit,” he added.

Sokong will also promote the community work of the participating organisations on the platform.


“As Malaysiakini, we have an advantage – we can provide many facilities to these non-profit NGOs.

“We can also give them the technology in the form of an application and digital platform to raise funds.”

‘Helping you help others’

Gan explained that the purpose of the platform is to support both NGOs and civil society organisations, as well as to help small donors invest in the community.

“For the beneficiaries, Sokong will better help you help others.

“As for the donors, Sokong will help you do your little bit in leaving this world better than the one we inherited.”

Premesh, in a brief speech, expressed his appreciation towards the Sokong team for the successful launch of the platform.

He described it as a noble cause that is not based on profit.

“Congratulations to the Sokong team that took several months to complete this platform,” he said.

Almost 100 guests attended the launch including 26 NGOs.

Among the groups present were Bersih, Dapur Jalanan, Rotary Club of Klang Valley, MyReaders, and Shikin’s Team Animal Rescuer.

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