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Fri Sep 01 2023

Malaysiakini launches Sokong: Connecting NGOs and donors

Originally published on Citizen’s Journal Published: Aug 27, 2022

Discover Sokong, Malaysiakini’s new mobile app enabling NGOs to fundraise transparently. Join efforts to support causes that matter.

Malaysiakini has introduced Sokong, a mobile application designed to digitally facilitate fundraising and donations for non-profit NGOs. Developed with support from Google News Initiative, Sokong aims to connect social sector initiatives with the public for welfare-related fundraising.

The platform’s primary focus is on transparent and accountable fundraising, providing facilities for short-term donations, specific campaigns, and regular contributions. Sokong targets the participation of 1,000 donors and over 100 NGOs during its initial phase, with ambitions to grow these numbers substantially in the coming years.

The launch event at Malaysiakini’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya, which took place today marked the beginning of this impactful initiative.

Sokong bridging donors and NGOs


Sokong’s project manager, Eshwaren M, highlighted the platform’s inception as a response to the growing need for a seamless connection between non-profit NGOs and potential donors during the launch event, which was attended by more than 60 beneficiaries.

The platform’s core principle is to facilitate fundraising without generating profits, ensuring that the donated funds are utilised effectively. Donors can engage with Sokong through the website and by downloading the application from Google Play or App Store.

“The target for this year is to have 1,000 donors and 10,000 for next year."

“As for next year, we aim to raise RM1 million worth of donations."


“This year we aim for 100 organisations to join (Sokong), next year 300 organisations,” he said.

Eshwaren elaborated on Sokong’s features, stating that the platform enables various types of donations, including one-off contributions, monthly recurring donations, and campaign-specific funding.

The primary goal is to drive transparency and accountability in fundraising efforts, fostering a culture of responsible giving.

Empowering change through causes that matter


Sokong’s mission is grounded in empowering meaningful change by connecting passionate individuals and organizations. Through its app, the platform encourages users to actively participate in supporting diverse causes.

From disaster relief to environmental conservation, youth development to poverty alleviation, Sokong covers a wide array of cause categories to resonate with every donor’s values.

“Sokong will ensure that fundraising is done in a transparent manner and does not make any profit,” he said.

Eshwaren also said Sokong will also promote the community work of the participating organisations on the platform.


“As Malaysiakini, we have an advantage – we can provide many facilities to these non-profit NGOs.

“We can also give them the technology in the form of an application and digital platform to raise funds.”

Beyond monetary contributions, Sokong also promotes volunteerism, allowing users to apply as volunteers and contribute their time and skills directly to impactful projects.

Regular updates provided by the platform ensure that donors remain connected with the impact of their contributions, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Sokong emerges as an initiative rooted in Malaysiakini’s commitment to creating a positive impact. The platform bridges the gap between NGOs and donors, fostering a culture of giving, compassion, and collaboration. By connecting people with organizations, Sokong envisions driving lasting social change.

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