Sokong Team
Tue Aug 01 2023

Introducing Sokong - A digital fundraising platform by Malaysiakini

Today, we are pleased to announce a new addition to the Malaysiakini family, Sokong - a digital fundraising platform for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), non-profit organisations (NPOs), and social enterprises (SEs). Sokong's aim is to provide an inclusive venue for Malaysians to participate in fostering social impact. Malaysiakini, our parent entity, has delivered comprehensive coverage on social and environmental issues for over two decades. Sokong amplifies that coverage and embodies our further commitment to empowering the Rakyat.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Google News Initiative (GNI) for co-funding the establishment of Sokong through the Innovation Challenge. This challenge was an excellent opportunity for us at Malaysiakini to reflect on our role in Malaysian society. How can we use our press presence and our audience to generate a more significant positive impact? How can we utilise our digital and technological capabilities to build something extraordinary together?

Looking back, the pandemic times were challenging. Social mobility ceased, and the world paused. As media, we saw first-hand the difficulties some of our fellow Malaysians had to face. Many had no alternatives and waved a white flag. Yet, in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, hope emerged. As a nation, we did not capitulate. We set aside our differences and came together, offering support in any way feasible - be it food, water, shelter, or even just a sympathetic ear. It was a truly remarkable moment, and it warmed our hearts to see that we have built a compassionate and kind society.

Sokong embodies this ethos and will continue to facilitate acts of giving. After speaking to various groups actively involved in charitable and social causes, we identified a gap where we could potentially add value. Sokong utilises its audience via Malaysiakini to give NGOs, NPOs, and SEs the exposure they require, building awareness and ensuring transparency. With the aid of technology, we offer a seamless way for you to make secure and consistent contributions. This steady flow of funding allows NGOs and NPOs to plan for the long term and maximise their impact.

Sokong hosts a variety of causes, ranging from education to the environment, allowing you to contribute to the ones that matter most to you. It also features a growing directory of beneficiaries for you to support. As a user, you can make monetary donations, set up monthly donations, follow organisations for updates, and apply to become a volunteer. We have added many more features to our roadmap, which will be introduced in the coming months.

This is just the beginning for Sokong, and we hope you will join us to magnify your impact and enrich your giving. Feel free to download our mobile apps from the App Store and Play Store today, and be among the first to explore Sokong.

If you're an NGO, NPO, or SE and are interested in joining Sokong, please contact us at [email protected].

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