Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative (MCII)
Fri Aug 11 2023

Fostering Collaborations and Data-Driven Initiatives with MCII

Youth & Children

Harnessing the power of structured collaborations and data-driven initiatives, Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative (MCII) is an education-based NGO established in 2015 to connect and enable schools to improve student outcomes using the collective impact model. Our model is premised on a collaborative network of organisations working towards a shared goal by leveraging collective resources and expertise. Through this, we strive to achieve greater results than any one organisation could achieve alone.

Our work at MCII constantly consists of learning, unlearning, and improvisation. Essentially, MCII enables and connects the schools to capacity building interventions and related initiatives; the funders to the schools and community in need; the implementation players to the right beneficiaries and funding; and the education authorities to an evidence-based intervention framework.


Over the years, our programmes have shaped the way we approach our interventions, build relationships with the schools, and empower the beneficiaries to grow on their own as well as together with us. With our focus on literacy and creating a positive learning environment, the network of schools in our pioneering areas, Kapar and Pandamaran, Klang continues to grow organically, even when our teachers have been transferred out to other schools. We received feedback that these teachers continue practising and imparting the learnings from our programmes to their new schools!

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Up until July 2023, MCII has impacted more than 45 schools with over 1,000 teachers and 6,000 students through 30 initiatives. We have also engaged and provided assistance to more than 5,500 families in the community, especially during the pandemic.

Centred around the students, we address the wider circles that affect the students’ learning journey, including the teachers, the school leaders, parents, and the surrounding community. This approach is taken to ensure that the outcomes do not stop with the end of a particular programme, rather, they are connected to an ecosystem which enables succession planning, continuous learning, and sustainable impact.

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Apart from running intervention programmes with credible implementation partners such as PEMIMPIN GSL (school leaders’ capacity training), MYReaders (English literacy), Chumbaka (STEM), and International Coaching Federation (ICF) Malaysia Charter Chapter (leadership coaching), MCII also organises regular online sharing sessions for teachers’ Professional Learning Community (PLC) and education roundtables, a platform for open dialogue on topics that are of interest to education stakeholders, backed by data collected from targeted audiences.

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These bring together relevant stakeholders from various backgrounds, including teachers, school leaders, policymakers, education authorities, foundations, corporations, and education experts (NGOs, NGIs, social enterprises, etc) to share their experiences, insights, and best practices; with the goal of further understanding the subject matter, coming up with better interventions, as well as producing analysis reports that would benefit all.

Utilising the collective impact model, we, at MCII, wish to adapt and replicate our school intervention framework into other communities with like-minded organisations. Together, we can be partners in creating systemic impact and help provide equitable quality education for all – starting today.

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If you would like to collaborate with us, message us on our website! Stay tuned for more updates by following MCII on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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