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Fri May 10 2024

Annual MS Walk 2024 set to commence in Bandar Sunway

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Originally published on Citizen’s Journal Published: May 8, 2024

Join the 11th Annual MS Walk 2024 in Bandar Sunway, Malaysia, organised by Rotaract Club of Sunway University.

The annual MS Walk 2024 is gearing up for its 11th edition, promising to be an impactful event for the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) community in Malaysia.

The annual walk is organised by the Rotaract Club of Sunway University in partnership with the Rotary Club of Bandar Sunway and the MS Society of Malaysia.

The event is scheduled to kick off at Sunway University, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, on May 18 at 6 am, concluding at approximately 11 am.

Participation and registration packages


With a variety of categories and routes available, the MS Walk 2024 aims to accommodate diverse participants.

Rizal Al-Amin Aminuddin, President of the MS Society, outlined the options, stating, “There are twelve categories altogether and two distances to choose from, the 2 km route and the standard 5 km route.”

He elaborated on the registration packages, stating, “The registration fees for the Standard Package, which includes commemorative paraphernalia such as a T-shirt, medal, e-certificate, and bib, range from RM38 to RM42.

The Premium Package, which includes the items in the Standard Package along with additional items such as a cap and stickers, is priced between RM58 and RM63.”

Expressing the organisation’s hopes for a robust turnout, Rizal remarked, “We are targeting at least 500 participants for the walk.

Currently, we only have 300-odd participants. I hope that more people will come together to support this cause.”

Supporting the MS community


Established in 2003, the MS Society of Malaysia has been dedicated to providing comprehensive support for individuals affected by MS.

Rizal highlighted the organisation’s objectives, stating, “Our main objective is to provide a support system which includes counselling, peer support groups and educational resources to help those with MS cope with their situation.”

Commenting on the challenges faced by MS patients, Rizal noted, “Treatment may vary for different people. If injections are needed, it may cost up to RM900 weekly. That works out to about RM50,000 per year.”

He emphasised the importance of early diagnosis and treatment initiation, underscoring the need for government assistance in medication availability and fundraising efforts to secure a dedicated premise for the society’s activities.

In Malaysia, MS is classified as a rare disease, affecting an estimated 0.6% of the population, with a notable majority of patients being women, as revealed by Deepti Saraf, General Manager of Roche Malaysia.

The MS Walk 2024 serves not only as a platform to raise awareness but also as a vital fundraising opportunity to support the MS community’s needs.

For those interested in participating or seeking further information about the MS Walk 2024, details can be found at

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