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Help Needed for Orang Asli During Monsoon Season

We are initiating to help the Orang Asli community in the areas of Bera, Maran, Rompin and Pekan in the state of Pahang who are staying in 13 villages affected by the yearly monsoon season, expected from Dec 2023 - Feb 2024. There are 202 families in total and we wish to contribute food aid and daily consumable items such as rice, oil, flour, sugar, salt, dry food, toothpaste, soap etc. Generally, they are earning between RM350 - RM550 per month / household and their income is badly affected by the monsoon season. Truly appreciate your kind thoughts and sponsorship for the campaign we are running. Thank you.
Reached : RM 30
Goal : RM 10000
Thank you for the support, we have reached the end of our donation campaign.
by malaysiakini

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