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Orang Asli Students Explore KidZania: Shaping Future Leaders

The problem faced by the Orang Asli students involves a lack of exposure to career-related activities that could inspire them to pursue education diligently and achieve their goals. Also, there is a lack of parental encouragement due to their limited income, which hinders their ability to support their children in educational endeavors. We plan to bring 50 students from these two villages to reward those who achieve good grades in exams or demonstrate good attendance at school. This initiative aims to maintain their motivation towards attending school and attaining commendable academic performance. We require RM5,000 for entrance tickets for 50 students, with 25 students from each village - Serendah and Desa Temuan Bukit Lanjan. Additionally, we need RM366 to cover the expenses of 6 accompanying volunteers (adults) who will guide and monitor the students during their visit, as well as provide transportation from the villages to KidZania. Let's help the Orang Asli students dream big by exploring over 60 role-play activities in KidZania Park and deciding what their future jobs will be. Also, let's keep motivating the students to finish school and pursue their studies further.
Reached : RM 430
Goal : RM 6810
Thank you for the support, we have reached the end of our donation campaign.
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