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Bridging Educational Gaps: A Weekend Tutoring Program for Orang Asli Students

Many students in Kampung Orang Asli Serendah face difficulties passing Maths and Science subjects, with a significant number having failed and lacking access to tuition opportunities to enhance their knowledge in both subjects. To address this, we've hired a more qualified teacher who can teach both subjects in the village and provide free tuition for students in Kampung Orang Asli Serendah. The tuition fee is RM150 per hour, with a total required amount of RM17,100 for 114 hours of teaching for both Mathematics and Science, effective from June 1, 2024, to June 29, 2025. This will cover a year and benefit 15 to 20 students who are interested in improving their grades and performing well in school. Your support will help provide qualified tuition and create a supportive learning environment, leading to better academic performance and increased confidence. Together, let's empower these students for a brighter future. Donate now!

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